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The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD)

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) was established in March 1992 by the British Government to provide assistance in building and strengthening pluralist democratic institutions overseas.

The Foundation receives a grant-in-aid from the Government, which is currently £4 million. It accounts to Parliament for the resources through the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

It also undertakes selected extra-budgetary technical assistance projects, and seeks contributions from the private sector and other funding organisations. WFD is independent of the Government in setting its priorities and its choice of projects.

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USAID – Office of Democracy & Good Governance (USAID – DGO)

The Office of Democracy and Governance is part of USAID – a body set by the United States Government to champion US’s Foreign policies and programmes. The office is tasked with supporting and advancing USAID's democracy and governance (DG) programming worldwide. The DG Office helps USAID field missions design and implement democracy strategies, provides technical and intellectual leadership in the field of democracy development, and manages some USAID programs directly.

The DG Office's primary objective, working principally with USAID missions in the field and with regional bureaus, is to make democracy and governance programs more effective and strategic in scope. Where USAID has limited or no staff presence, for example in many post-conflict situations, the DG Office often leads democracy and governance assessment teams that help define objectives and establish new programs. The DG Office works closely with the State Department and the National Security Council on how democracy programming can contribute importantly to the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives in these and other countries.

The DG Office focuses on four main areas – Rule of Law, Elections and Political Processes, Civil Society and Governance

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Worldwide Democracy Network (WDN)

WDN is a US-based organisation and is a network of people and organisations asking questions:

  • What exactly are the systems of governance and democracy that now dominate the world?
  • What is wrong with these systems?
  • How can we change them?
  • What are, and what should be, the roles of ordinary citizens and of political leaders?
  • What can we learn from natural systems?
  • Can the large-scale change processes developed in other fields be applied in the political arena?
  • Can we develop democratic systems robust and agile enough to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of our globalised world?
    Where will the energy necessary to bring about political change come from?

The WDN aims at gathering and disseminating examples of theory and practice that could help to provide answers to the questions above.

The aim is to develop a whole new vision of democracy and governance at every level, from local to global - a vision to inspire and guide humanity in our efforts to build a just and sustainable world.

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African Foundation for Development (AFFORD)

AFFORD was founded as a UK registered charity in 1994 by a group of Africans in the UK, in response to concerns, that despite the vast number of Africans in the UK who organize themselves and contribute to Africa's development, Africans were effectively marginalized from mainstream development activity directed towards Africa. There was also a realization that different Africans can and should learn from each other

AFFORD does not undertake traditional development or relief work. Rather it seeks to be a catalytic agent:

  • facilitating links and networks
  • sign-posting and disseminating information
  • undertaking research
  • brokering new relationships and supporting new ideas
  • adding value to the work of UK-based African civil society organisations (UKBACSOs)

AFFORD connects UK-based African organisations with mainland African civil society organisations, and a wide range of actors, including governments, businesses, funders, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, and mainstream NGOs.

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Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD)

The Centre for Democracy and Development is a UK-based non-governmental organisation which aims to promote the values of democracy, peace & human rights in Africa and especially in the West African sub-region.

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The Britain-Nigeria Association (BNA)

The Association maintains a close and cordial relationship with this sister organisation in Nigeria with which we share a common purpose.

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Africa Centre

The Africa Centre aims to promote positive awareness about Africa, and to help to empower the African diaspora in the UK, and to support Africa's development aspirations.

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Interims For Development

Interims for Development is a UK-based organisation that works with African organisations and international companies operating in Africa to support their strategic human resources.

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Pan-African Development Education and Advocacy Programme (PADEAP)

The Pan-African Development Education and Advocacy Programme (PADEAP) was founded in 1997 as a strategic centre for the coordination of advocacy and development education initiatives. It has affiliations with East and West Africa.

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Charity for African Welfare and Development (CAWD)

It aims to bridge the digital divide and bring new opportunities for better health, education and sustainable development in a project that will be replicable elsewhere in rural Africa

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African Development Network (ADN)

African Development Network was formaly known as the Maichey Foundation, (the word Maichey meaning skills). TMF was set up by an English family in the mid-sixties to provide vocational training for the people of Gambia. It became a registered charity and company limited by Guarantee in 1992. It was later transferred to a group of African immigrants in 1998 who widened the vision to addressing the problems of Africans, and other ethnic minorities, (including Refugees and Asylum Seekers) in the Diasporas as well as carrying out and assisting development work in Africa.

The original ethos of the organisation is development through vocational (skills) training. This will form the key to our developmental contribution to people of Africa and the black world in general. Our emphasis will be to equip the individuals for a sustainable living.

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Centre for African Policy and Peace Studies (CAPPS)

CAPPS is an African focused independent applied policy research, advocacy and capacity building think tank.

The centre’s mission is to research, inform, and facilitate the formulation and implementation of policies that enhance human security, socio-economic development and good governance in Africa. It pursues its goals by conducting in-depth quality research, proffering pragmatic policy advice, implementing innovative capability building projects, building civil society networks and initiating strategic advocacy campaigns. Its focal areas have three key interlinked clusters:

  • Governance, Democracy & Human Rights
  • Peace, Security & Sustainable development
  • Youth, Gender & Civil Society

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Campaign for Good Governance (CGG)

Campaign for Good Governance is a non-governmental organisation based in Sieraleon. It was established after the first multi-party democratic elections for 3 decades (1996) to promote good governance.

The organisation has the following as its overall objectives:

  • To assist in the strengthening of democratic institutions in and out of government.
  • To conduct civic education campaigns on Human Rights, Peace Building and Reconciliation, Democracy and Good Governance working with various local civil groups with the same objectives.
  • To strengthen the capacity of various civic groups to enable them to constructively and genuinely participate in the governance of their country.
  • To promote a spirit of tolerance, peace and reconciliation in a multi-party democracy.
  • To encourage national identity through a cultural and historical awareness campaign.

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