FGGN Activities

Monitoring and Responding to Political Developments in Nigeria

In line with the Foundation?s aims and objectives, the Foundation wrote to the Federal Government of Nigeria, in 2002 expressing our concern on the Governance of the country and the behaviour of our politicians. The Foundation held press conferences at that time highlighting the why foreign investors do not want to invest in Nigeria and urged the Obasanjo Government look into the issues we raised and address them. We also wrote the international community especially our host country, The British Government, to put press on the Nigerian President to check the excesses of his ruling party and all the political class and security agents. The Nigerian government and the ruling party only got from bad to worse.

With the coming of the 2003 election The Foundation decided to look at all the contenders at the federal level and to support a candidate who shared our ideals. The Foundation then felt Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was the person among the presidential candidates who shared our ideals. We then, in an advertised press statement, endorsed his candidature before any of the parties?s primaries. The Foundation took Buhari?s case as a project that we shall see through along with other projects.

After the 2003 ?selection? by the ruling government and party, that they called an election, Buhari and some governors went to court to challenge the conduct of the election and the results. We supported them fully as the only logical step to rescue our democratic process. The operators of the courts have said what they said after the long delays and we have voiced our opinion on the various verdicts in open Newspaper adverts. The rest is for the public and history to judge.

The Foundation has highlighted and voiced our concern, before and after the 2003 election, on the political killings and intimidation of political opponents, the marginalisation and impoverishment of the poor and middle class and the total collapse of all public institutions like schools and hospitals. We have warned on electoral malpractice and cried out when such fraught was committed against the electorate. We have decried the poor performance of the legislature, dictatorial activities of the executive and the systematic destruction of grass-root democracy by the unilateral action of the executive in not holding local government election according to the constitution just to install their political thugs as local government officials who will then perpetuate the electoral fraud for themselves and their masters.

We have done all these by writing to various international organisations, Nigerian and international governments and houses of parliaments and the media as shown from some of the quotations in our conference booklets. We held public demonstration to The British House of Parliament, The British Prime Ministers office and to the Nigerian High Commission in London on various occasions. We held discussion at the BBC and the British House of Parliament to help influence a positive change in Nigerian political culture. We have equally aired our views through the radio especially the BBC.

We have done all these in association with other well meaning organisations in particular Nigeria Watch UK whose principle stands and continuous contribution we would like to acknowledge. We are also closely working with other pro-democracy pro-good governance organisation in Europe, America and Nigeria.

Support and Development Projects

The Foundation, through its members, has carried out a number of support and development projects in Nigeria. These include:

  • Shipment and distribution of books and journals to some Nigerian Universities.
  • Shipment and distribution of medical equipment to some institutions of learning as well as other medical centres.
  • Members using part of their annual leave to teach in institutions of learning as well as provide free services (medical in particular) to the community.

Conferences and Workshops

The Foundation has attended a held a few workshops and conferences. The last Conference was held in June 2005. The theme of the conference was Sustainable Democracy in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects. Details of this conference can be found on the Conference page.

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