About FGGN

The Foundation for Good Governance and Development in Nigeria (FGGN) is a UK based international organisation of Nigerian professionals from all works of life with membership in other European countries, USA, New Zealand, the Middle East and Nigeria. Members of the organisation are from all tribes, religions and geographical sections of the Nigerian Society.

The Foundation has no political affiliation with any political party and does not support any. However, the organisation supports individuals who share the organisation's ideals irrespective of their political party affiliation. This, however, does not mean that the organisation will not support a political party if the party’s ideals are in line with its ideals.

The Foundation dates back to 1997 when a group of Nigerian professionals in the UK felt there was a need for a true democratic culture in Nigeria  where all Nigerians will feel part of and proud of. The intention was not to form a political party, but to have a forum that will help direct politicians on the path of true democratic ideals. The Cambridge Initiative Group was then formed with that intention.

Things took dramatic turns in Nigeria which resulted in the new political arrangement of 1999. The Cambridge Initiative Group welcomed the coming of democracy and hoped that the process will help Nigerians develop a true democratic culture. By 2001 it was clear that the political culture and governance of Nigeria was not only unsatisfactory but has gone from bad to worse. Some members of the Cambridge Initiative Group and other Nigerians in the UK became concerned on these negative developments. These Nigerians felt that a unique opportunity to reform the Nigerian Society and establish a purposeful and accountable governance for the development of Nigeria and Nigerians was being wasted .A group called Concerned Nigerians was therefore born in Birmingham with the aim of finding a way to redress this situation.

The two groups, The Cambridge Initiative and Concerned Nigerians, whose membership overlapped, held a joint meeting in 2002 to find ways of working together to achieve their cherished aim. Following various meetings and discussions, on how to encourage good governance and an enduring true democratic political culture in Nigeria, the groups joined together and formed The Foundation for Good Governance and Development in Nigeria (FGGN) at an expanded joint meeting at Stafford, Staffordshire. The aims and objectives of the Foundation were outlined at that meeting.

Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of The Foundation are:

  • To initiate and undertake appropriate programs for the promotion of good accountable, open and transparent governance in Nigeria.
  • To educate and enlighten the public of the importance of good governance in Nigeria.
  • To undertake developmental projects for the physical and human development of Nigeria and its people.
  • To identify, encourage and support honest, trustworthy and capable individuals or groups of individuals to participate actively in the political process with the view to promoting good governance in Nigeria.
  • To act as an advocacy group for the promotion of good governance in Nigeria.
  • To provide a forum for disseminating knowledge, skills and experience in order to     bring about improvements in all aspects of life among Nigerians.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and free exchange of views on matters affecting the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.
  • To liaise and work with other organisations and individuals having similar objectives and interests.
  • To promote unity, progress and friendship between all groups of Nigerians and to protect the image and interest of Nigeria.
  • To extend these ideals to the rest of Africa and to our host country (ies).
  • To offer advice to governments and Nigerians on issues believed to be in the interest of advancing a fair and just society.

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